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"What's for dinner?" That daily dilemma has a solution! Let us help you eliminate the stress of dealing with dinner and leave you more quality time with your families! Our mission is to make gathering around the family table a cornerstone of daily life!  

Our Take & Bake meals are made with healthy high quality ingredients. Our food values are straightforward......we are dedicated to bringing you and your family food that is simple, beautiful, and delicious! Take and Bake meals will save you time and money! 

Our Take & Bake meals also make great gifts! Maybe your college student could use a home cooked meal? Or maybe you have a friend or family member that is experiencing an illness or injury? Allow us to be a bridge for your blessing to them! Delivery is available for an additional fee.

Click the links below for our price sheet or to email for more info or place your order!


SEPT 10th 2023 Take & Bake Price Sheet (3).png
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