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Thanks for your interest in our weekly meal service! 


My clients receive in their package each week a mix of ready to eat foods like pasta salad, vegetable salads, sandwiches, and turkey pinwheels, ready to heat meals like lasagna, casseroles, meatloaf, and roast and potatoes, and a mix of sweets and breads like cookies and rolls. Then I just provide the amount of meals for the week that they would like whether that's just enough for 2-3 days or all week. 


Customers can request not to get a menu item if they like.


I deliver to everyone once a week on Tuesdays with their packages. 


Cost varies depending on how many days, how many people, and any special dietary needs. Price ranges approximately from $20-$40/day plus tax and delivery.


I keep a credit card on file and just charge once a week on delivery day.


Order deadline for each week’s meals is Sunday at noon.

Please email me at or call me at 765-506-1228 for more information or to join the weekly meal service delivery service.

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